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We REMEMBER Walter Lantz. “Woody’s just made out of pear shapes and cones,” he’d say, drawing  madly, but somehow it was
never that simple. Discouraged, we saw our Future in Art  end right in front of the TV Screen.
Would that we had had The Big Yellow Drawing Book, the product of a happy collaboration by Dan, (Odd Bodkins”), and
parents Hugh, educational  psychologist, and Marian O’Neill.

It’s an easy-to-follow book that teaches the basic principles of drawing through cartooning.  Programmed to gradually lead putative
artistes from extremely simple figures to more complex assignments, it’s studded with jokes and fanciful creatures.   Such useful
frivolity is hard to find in educational material--- which is why, aided by word-of-mouth advertising alone,  the book has sold more
than 50,000 copies worldwide and has been in continuous print since 1976.   Exerpt from California New West Magazine

Teaching for the Two-Sided Mind by Linda Williams:

"...The Big Yelw Drawing Book is an excellent introduction to both cartooning and drawing...a perfect place to start for those who

feel insee about their ability to draw.  Created pecifically for teachers and students..."

Your Career In  Comics By Lee Nordling:

"....A step by step guide to the fundamentals for cartoonists.  This book's lessons are easy to follow and absolutely essential."

"This fun book from cartoonist Dan O'Neill os one of KidsArt's most popular items!  The hands on workbook for kids ages 8-13 teaches the basic principles of drawing, creating expression, and perspecive with charming cartoons that kids love to draw.  The activites are carefully designed to carry young artists fom the first simple steps through more and more complex skills which guarantees their satisfaction and success.  Paperback, 64 pages.  Each page is a worksheet for the student to complete, drawing right in their own book.  Great for adults too.  Have fun drawing right along with your children and turn it into a family activity."

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